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Structured subscription boxes to send to your grieving loved ones

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What makes our service special

Our Mission

We help build strong and healthy relationships, offer peace of mind, and create opportunities for better self-care and gentleness during a hard time.

When the people we love are experiencing a loss, we feel helpless. Often, it is in the face of a loss that we come to realize that the silence around grief has left us with few resources and little information about what could make a meaningful difference to our loved one who is grieving.

Comforting and supporting our grieving loved ones is possible. We can do so while also encouraging a new and deeper connection and the reassurance that you are bringing a greater sense of ease and gentleness to your loved one.

Upsprout provides your loved one with space for a self-care practice, opportunities to improve daily life, and coping tools that offer comfort and gentle reflection. We deliver a monthly care package to ensure that this support is meaningful, consistent, and present in the face of the long and winding road of grief. 

What Our Customers Think


The last year and a half has been incredibly hectic. If you or someone you know is going through a loss, you are not alone… Upsprout is amazing.

Everything is the box is high quality, self care, luxury. So much care goes into it!

Delivery was quick, they care about understanding the person you are getting the box for. I would have never thought to give someone a subscription box, I decided to try and it and the its actually an amazing idea! 

I feel at ease knowing that am able to be consistent in showing up for my sister, while giving her space as she needs it.

Dena Romain

My friend loves it and I feel at peace knowing that I am sending something that makes my loved ones feel taken care of, and supported. I’ve found it tough and sometimes confusing trying to figure out how to best show up for people who are going through the most vulnerable and painful times, Upsprout literally takes confusion and tough out of the process, and replaces it with understanding, love, and quality self care all at a reasonable price!


The contents of the box were amazing. Natural skin care, delicious snacks with whole, healthy ingredients, inspirational reading, and more! Things that made me feel taken care off during one of the worst times in my life. It truly made a difference to receive this helping hand and know that someone out there gets it, empathizes with me and is still rooting for my health and well being and contributing to helping me openly and honestly grieve AND accept love and care. 

Joye W.
They push you to take time for yourself and do something for yourself. This service has really helped my friend with her grief process.

I am so grateful for Upsprout’s services. After my grandfather passed away, I was worried about my dad’s emotional well-being. UpSprout opened up a beautiful opportunity to send a kind reminder of self-care to my dad with some of his favorite things and introduced him to some new items that he has never seen or used before. Thanks so much UpSprout!

Lauren Rust

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About the Founder

"When I was looking for a way to support my grieving loved ones, I came up empty handed again and again. I don't want that to happen to anyone else. My mission is to help people who want a way to support their grieving loved one, but are unsure how. We offer a specific and long-term solution that brings a greater feeling of connection, ease, and comfort during these difficult moments."

Tess Kursel | Owner of Upsprout LLC Tweet

A gift you can truly be proud of

our guarantee

We offer a Risk-Free guarantee. If your you or your loved one aren’t happy with their first care package, we will refund your money in full. 

Excellent Customer Service

We truly care about our customers. We go above and beyond to ensure that you have your questions answered and your needs addressed.

Products Sourced from Small Businesses

We prioritize working with small businesses because we believe in supporting and uplifting community. We also know that by supporting small businesses, we are bringing unique handcrafted gifts to our customers.

Women Owned

We are a small business owned and operated by women.

Risk Free Guarantee

It is so very important to us that your loved one enjoys their gift. If for some reason they don't enjoy their first box from us, we will refund your money in full. See our Risk-Free Guarantee for more information.

Find the right fit for you

Our plan options

5-7 Full-sized items in every box

Offers your loved one a variety of tools for their grief tool-belt to help tackle those hard days with greater ease and care.

Delivered monthly

/ month
  • Our most flexible option
6-Month Prepay
  • Save 10% with this option

*Full cost of six months due at checkout

*Full cost of one year due at checkout

About our Boxes

We work with over 50 small businesses to bring the highest quality artisan goods straight to your doorstep every month.;

We carefully select items that help ease the experience of grief and encourage self-care, foster growth, build connection, and inspire joy

Your first box will ship within two business days using UPS ground service. Delivery is between 5-7 days from the shipment date.

Each box includes 5-7 High-quality, full-sized items. As a thank you, if you purchase our six-month or annual plan, we include bonus items!

Our subscription box is a great fit for all genders.

Grief has no gender. Although each person may act or appear differently depending on how they identify and our social norms, your loved one deserves care and rest like anyone else. “Looking fine” or “acting strong” have nothing to do with the painful experience and aftermath of losing someone you love.

Also, each box is customizable, to ensure that your loved one gets products that they actually use and enjoy. 

We believe in transparency. All of our policies are clearly outlined on the shop page, checkout page, and your account page. 

The products that we hand pick for our packages are high quality and wholesome -no strong synthetic fragrances or strange chemicals. If your loved one has a known allergy, include this information at checkout, and we will do our best to make substitutions. 

Grief is not linear and it takes a very long time to feel somewhat normal again. Even after a year, it is likely the pain of their loss still feels very fresh. Your loved one will be grateful for the chance to check in with themselves and take an extra moment to rest, relax, and process. 

All of our subscription options automatically renew. If you want to end your subscription, you can do so at any time to avoid additional costs. Canceling a 6-month or annual subscription before the term ends does not reduce cost or refund the billed amount. For more details, visit our shop page. 

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