The first subscription designed specifically
for grief

Delivered monthly to encourage healing, self-care, and rest as you heal from loss

About Our Service

We work with over 50 small businesses to bring the highest quality artisan goods straight to your doorstep every month.

We carefully select items that help ease the experience of grief and encourage self-care, foster growth, build connection, and inspire joy

Explore Our Boxes

Here are a few of the boxes we are currently shipping:


“This weight is heavy, and there are many ways to carry it.”

For many, around month 3 grief can intensify as the initial shock wears off. We want box 3 to anticipate this increased heaviness that might be experienced, and really focus on bringing some of those intense emotions into balance.

Focused on balancing the mood and encouraging rest and self care. 



“Gentle movement is a love letter we write to ourselves.”

We store grief in our body as well as in our mind and heart. Because of this, we want to support gentle movement as a way to process grief in a more holistic way.

Focused on encouraging gentle physical activity of any kind and providing tools to unwind and relax tense muscles. 



“We are meant to grieve in community. Find yours.”

Grief forever changes every relationship we have, because we ourselves are so fundamentally changed. This box invites offers opportunity to seek out and deepen connection. 

Focused on building strong and deep relationships, and helping ensure that we refill our own cup as we connect with others.


Here with you through thick and thin

Grief doesn’t happen in a straight line. Through the first year of loss and beyond we continue to carefully curate boxes to support the grief process – as long as it takes.