The subscription box for grief

Structured subscription boxes to send to your grieving loved ones

Unique, Artisan Gifts

We carefully curate each item to create a unique experience. We seek out items that are handcrafted in small batches,

Sourced from Small Businesses

We prioritize working with small businesses because we believe in community. We also know that by supporting small businesses, we are bringing the highest quality goods to our customers.

5-7 Full-Sized Items in Every Box

We seek out items that create space for self-care, healing, joy, and rest. Each box is an opportunity to build connection, make space for a self-care practice, and explore healthy coping techniques.

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Each one is carefully curated with great care and intention

Upsprout’s founder created this service after her own experience of tragic loss.

After the sudden loss of my father, I experienced first-hand the exhaustion, overwhelm, and isolation that can result.

This deeply personal connection to Upsprout’s mission is what sets our service apart. It allows us to be a resource and guide through loss.

My mission is to help people who want a way to support their grieving loved one, but are unsure how. We offer a specific and long-term solution that brings a greater feeling of connection, ease, and comfort during these difficult moments.

What Our Customers Say About Our Service

We truly care about our customers


“The contents of the box were amazing. Natural skin care, delicious snacks with whole, healthy ingredients, inspirational reading, and more! Things that made me feel taken care off during one of the worst times in my life



“My friend loves it and I feel at peace knowing that I am sending something that makes my loved ones feel taken care of, and supported. I’ve found it tough and sometimes confusing trying to figure out how to best show up for people who are going through the most vulnerable and painful times, Upsprout literally takes confusion out of the process”



"Everything is the box is high quality, self care, luxury. So much care goes into it! Delivery was quick. I would have never thought to give someone a subscription box, I decided to try and it and the its actually an amazing idea!"

Dena Romaine

Why a Subscription Service?

Grief is not linear. Years after a loss, it is common have moments that carry the same pain as the first days did. There is a new world of triggers and challenges to navigate. And yet, after month one, the check-ins fade away, others move on, and the condolences stop arriving.

We use a subscription model to break through that silence. Each and every month, a box arrives that reminds your loved one that we still see their grief and acknowledge their journey.

Will my gift remind my loved one of their loss?

It isn't possible to remind someone of a loss, because they haven't forgotten. Grief becomes a part of our daily experience. Those hard days will come up no matter what. That is why we focus on proactively offering coping tools and support to allow you or your loved one to approach those days with greater ease and gentleness.

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