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We are Meant to Grieve in Community

It takes a village needs to be coopted by us grievers because it couldn’t be more true. The weight of loss can be paralyzing. We need folks to show up and show up often to get through those hard days.

How do we build community and make sure we have the support we need when it really counts?
✨ Reach out to friends and family for support. 
✨Find a therapist or professional to make sure you are getting intentional and consistent care from a person who has the tools to help you cope and tackle big feelings.
✨Find virtual spaces where people are going through or have gone through similar loss. 
✨Ask close friends or neighbors to check in periodically if they aren’t already. You could even set a specific schedule or time to check in every week. Make sure you are getting reminders to get outside, move, drink water, and eat. 
✨Sign up for Talk-O Tuesday, and receive a weekly text message on grief, loss, healing, and growth. You can sign up here

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